Clear Plastic Business Cards – Transparent Cards

Clear Plastic Business CardsPrinted full colour a transparent card can have a special effect of professionalism, you cannot achieve with paper cards

For that really special eye-catching look, you can’t go past our Transparent clear plastic cards. These cards use a transparent plastic stock that can take full four colour printing over the top. The result is truly different, and is limited only by the designers imagination. You can have clear windows right through the card, or semi-transparent translucent sections which allow the light to pass through. Any part of the card can be left clear, or conversely you can print on any part too. How about printing on one side, and leaving the other side clear enabling you to see the design from the other side? You can achieve a layered effect by offsetting the image on one side, or create the illusion of depth by altering the colour tones to give a 3D effect. What about combining the unique look of our clear card, with another technique such as embossing, photographic printing, metallic colours, or a magnetic stripe?

The print resolution is still exceptional, and you can print fine text and details with no issues. The originality of a clear plastic business card means that most people who receive one will want to keep it – or show their friends and colleagues!

SES has the best range of transparent plastic business cards New Zealand has to offer. We source the highest grade industrial PVC from around the world to ensure you get the best-quality end product.

Impress your business associates and clients today with a clear business card from Security ECard Specialists. We have a knowledgeable friendly team ready to answer your questions and assist with the design and manufacture of your card. Everything is made easy for you, so you get more time to imagine the best way to use the clear plastic card to your advantage. Don’t forget you can combine features from other card types, for instance you could could combine a clear plastic card design with a Plastic Gift Card, Custom Die Cut Card or even a Magnetic Stripe Card for a wonderfully unique creation for your clients or your market.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and start the exciting process of preparing your transparent cards today. Our friendly team is ready now to answer your questions.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!