Custom Die Cut Plastic Cards

Custom Die Cut Plastic CardsBreak out of the square with custom shaped cards

Do you want something really different for your business cards? Are you bored with the standard 90 x 55mm cards that everyone has? Need to stand out from the crowd? Security ECard Specialists can offer you custom shaped cards cut with a die, for a very reasonable cost.

You can choose the size and shape of your plastic card stock, and then customise it further. Perhaps your brand would suit stylish rounded corners or does your design need to be a shape that’s right out of the box? A car? A flower? The same shape as your logo? We can do it! You tell us what shape you want and we can have a custom die made up to match. Our manufacturing plant uses this custom die (which is like a shaped blade) to cut each of your cards out of the PVC stock. See further down this page for chart showing the existing shaped dies we already have ready to go.

And you don’t have to stick to modifying the outside shape of your card. We can also cut slots or holes in your card. This is really useful if you want to attach a lanyard or key ring to your shaped plastic card.

When planning your custom cut plastic cards, it’s important to remember that the text and design need to work in harmony with the shapes you plan to cut out. At SES we have a skilled team of design professionals who each have many years experience producing brilliant designs, and we are here ready to help you through the process. We can assist with choosing the right colour to match your brand, and we can suggest effects that will really add that something special to your card. Transparency, frosting, metallics, or embossing can all be incorporated into your custom die cut plastic card.

Contact us today to discuss the best possible price for custom die cut cards today. Our friendly New Zealand team is ready now to answer your questions.

Please note: because of the extra manufacturing cost associated with the production of a custom die, please expect to pay an additional one-off charge of between $150 – $250 (+ GST) depending on the shape and size you choose. Talk to one of our consultants now to discuss the most cost-effective solution for your business today.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!

The Charts Below Show the Shapes and Sizes Available.