Eco Friendly USB Flash Drives

Eco friendly USB flash drives are gaining much popularity these days. These drives have casings manufactured from recycled cardboard with attractive designs. Recycled cardboard is highly shock resistant and durable. Moreover this material has the tendency to biodegrade in the environment thus no harmful residues are left behind. The cardboard used in these USB flash drives are taken from recycled stock that would be otherwise be dumped in landfills.

Eco friendly promotional gifts are very popular these days. If you are looking for a technology related gift and an eco friendly one, then we have just the thing – our eco friendly USB flash drives. These flash drives work no different than the ordinary USB flash drives; however the material used in their casing is made from eco friendly material having low impact on the environment.

At our company, we are concerned about the environment and are always looking for ways to conserve it as much as we can, so we greatly encourage the use of eco friendly products. We are sure that you feel the same way too, so we came up with this product range.

Our eco friendly slim USB flash drives use recycled paper products for making the casing which is as strong as a metal or a plastic casing on other USB drives would be. At present, we are presenting only a small selection of basic units however we are working on providing you with more sustainable products using recycled materials and hope to make them available soon.

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E401 E402
E401 Available in Original Recycled Paper Colour E402 Available in Original Recycled Paper Colour

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