Embossed Plastic Cards

Embossed Plastic CardsEmbossed Plastic Cards – there are so many uses!

Do you want your business card to stand out? Security ECard Specialists are New Zealand’s premier producer of embossed plastic business cards.

What is an embossed card? If you have ever seen a credit card, you have seen an embossed plastic card. The embossing is the raised sections of the card, which you can feel when you run your fingers over the card. These cards make a real impression and will really add to the overall design.

Embossing makes your card feel different from other cards. Some of the most common uses of this technique are to emboss a person’s name for an ID card, an account number for a valued customer, or any other string of letters or numbers.

Embossed plastic cards are perfect for business cards, loyalty cards, or gift cards. The embossed sections of the card can be finished with a silver or gold coating of your choice. When searching through a pile of business cards, an embossed plastic business card from our company is sure to stand out. An eye-catching design coupled with the raised effect of the embossing means your client can literally feel your card – even without looking they can identify which card it yours!

You can even incorporate the embossed technique onto more advanced smart cards and security cards. Using an embossed plastic card will increase the impact of your brand. Here at Security ECard Specialists we offer the highest quality four-colour printing, and you can choose to add features such as barcodes, ID photos, a magnetic strip, or a micro-chip. These features enhance the functionality and authority of your business card. With all these options the embossed plastic card from SES is a very versatile option indeed.

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Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!