Full Colour Plastic Business Cards

Full Colour Plastic Business CardBeautiful, rich colour for your plastic cards

Colour is what your clients see first. A beautiful design will stand out when it’s printed onto our high quality plastic cards. There is nothing like bright high impact colour to attract attention.

Here at SES, we start with a basic stock card, a “blank”, and print your design using the industry standard four colours, CMYK. Our printing system uses an advanced litho-print process that enables great detail and depth of colour. Plastic cards printed by Security ECard Specialists have a brilliance which will ensure they stand out and gain your clients’ attention. Each card is crafted from industrial grade PVC which delivers an attractive, flexible and durable finish that will last for years. The resulting printed is scratch resistant and will not fade.
Full colour plastic business cards are an attractive and cost effective way to attract and retain customers. Use them as souvenirs for your conference, business cards, membership cards, ID cards, or loyalty cards. Our plastic cards are unique in that they are nearly indestructible – they will definitely last a lot longer than a traditional paper card. And the super smooth surface allows very high resolution printing. In fact you can achieve a true photographic likeness which means you can represent your brand clearly.

These printed plastic business cards are the starting point for many of the other products we offer on this website. SES manufactures full colour plastic cards that can incorporate the most advanced features such as magnetic stripes, micro-chips, bar codes, photos, embossing, die cut shapes, transparency, frosting, and even USB storage.

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Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!