Magnetic Stripe Plastic Cards

Magnetic Stripe CardInstant electronic identification with a plastic magnetic stripe card

Plastic magnetic stripe cards are very familiar, you probably have several in your wallet right now. The magnetic stripe is a special material that allows a small amount of data to be stored on it. When the card is swiped through a card reader attached to a computer, the encoded information on the card enables the computer to connect to a remote database and verify the card’s credentials. In plain language, this means the card holder can access their account quickly with easy identity verification.

Magnetic stripe plastic cards are commonly used for credit and debit cards, bank (ATM) cards, eftpos cards (in New Zealand), gift cards, loyalty cards, driver licence cards (overseas), phone cards, membership cards, identity cards, and library cards. In fact they are useful for any instance where the account information does not need to be physically stored on the card itself. The card functions just as a means to verify identity before access to the account is granted.

SES are manufacturers and suppliers of magnetic stripe cards which do store the information on the card, so you have a choice. Uses for magnetic plastic cards of this nature include hotel key cards, subway or bus service cards, and some pre-paid phone calling cards, where the balance can be stored on the card itself rather than on a remote computer.

How do they work?

Here at Security ECard Specialists,  leading suppliers and manufacturers, we have sourced top quality magnetic stripes from Germany to ensure you get the best possible data retention rate. The stripes themselves are made from tiny particles of iron oxide combined in a special resin, which is then applied to the plastic card. Each magnetic strip in fact contains 3 tracks of information, which store between 2 and 9 bits per mm. You can choose either 7-bit alphanumeric characters, or 5-bit numeric characters for each track. Our knowledgeable consultants are ready to guide you through the process of specifying technical options.

Remember you can choose to add any of the special decorative effects SES offers, such as full colour printing, transparency, frosting, embossing, or metallics. Or why not increase the security of your card by adding another special feature such as a barcode or a micro chip?

Contact us today to discuss the best possible price for plastic magnetic stripe cards today. Our friendly New Zealand team is ready now to answer your questions.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!