Metallic Plastic Business Cards

Metallic Plastic Business CardsGet the expensive look of metal without the cost.

Real metal business cards are costly to produce, but our special PVC plastic business cards are finished to look just like metal. Not only are they a great deal cheaper to make than metal cards, but they have other advantages as well. Metallic finish plastic cards from SES are lightweight so your customers are more likely to carry them around in their wallets. And they keep their good looks due to the fact that the plastic bends, but doesn’t hold a permanent crease like metal does. This prevents unwanted creases or dents in your brand.

After the metallic finish is applied to the stock card, your text, logo and designs can be printed in full colour on both sides. Our high resolution printing techniques mean that photos can be reproduced in exquisite detail. Other decorative effects can also be applied to your plastic business card such as transparency, embossing, die cuts, and frosting. Our experienced designers are ready to help you create a stunning metallic look plastic card now.

Metallic plastic business cards can make a great gift card, or even a special VIP card. Have you thought about making a loyalty card for your customers? A metallic finish card will make a statement when you use it as your plastic business card, and your clients are more likely to retain your card because of the stylish look.

SES offers the highest quality metallic business cards. New Zealand people demand the latest technological advances, so we aim to provide you with all the latest choices. Anything can be incorporated into your metallic plastic card, from magnetic stripes, micro-chips, to full USB storage devices and smart card functionality.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and start the exciting process of preparing your metallic cards today. Our friendly team is ready now to answer your questions.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!