Quality Plastic Cards

Plastic Business Cards

When durability and style matter, Plastic Cards Perform!

Why should you choose plastic for your next business VIP, Member or Loyalty cards?  We know that your customers expect only the best from you, so we help you to create the appropriate image for your business. A plastic business card is durable and rigid. It feels special, not like a cheap homemade paper card! Plastic has many special properties, which means you are able to achieve special effects such as frosting, transparency, embossing, and custom shaped die cuts. Combined with high quality 4 colour printing, and excellent customer service, and Security ECard Specialists are able to offer you an almost infinite number of options for your card.

Another great feature of plastic cards is the technological elements you are able to include.  SES makes it affordable for your business to have branded security cards, magnetic strip cards, loyalty cards or even smart cards. Why not create a micro-chip card, or even a USB storage card? The potential marketing ideas for such cards are endless. Imagine being able to gift a whole presentation to your client on a beautiful, stylish USB card?

Or give your customers a plastic loyalty card – the durable plastic makes more of an impression than a normal loyalty card so your customers are more likely to keep it and tell their friends! Our loyalty cards have a magnetic strip, so you simply swipe them to record points. We also offer smart cards that have micro chips which can function as loyalty cards. We have a solution for you.

Make sure to browse through our entire collection. All items are customisable with your own logo, images, and text. Don’t worry if you don’t have a design for your card as we have skilled staff ready to create a stunning design for your business.

All  Plastic Card jobs delivered direct from our wholesalers   Earth First Printing New Zealand’s leading Card manufacturer. Please note we have a 250 unit minimum order for this product!

Please call us today for free quote.  0800  464 325  one of our representatives will be happy to help.