Plastic Loyalty Cards

Plastic Loyalty Cards

More than just a card – a marketing programme.

Security ECard Services are the experts when it comes to Plastic Loyalty card printing. We can provide advice and deliver excellent quality results over a wide range of plastic card printing methods while implementing a Loyalty Card programme.

Plastic loyalty cards are one of the best cost effective initiatives  you can use to enhance your business profile and get some great publicity. Many retailers find these a great weapon for sustaining sales and ensuring repeat business from their customers in a fickle market. Developing the loyalty of your customers by increasing your brand visibility and offering special discounts and deals, will keep the people in your market coming back again and again.  Many stores like specialty food shops, restaurants, coffee shops and even hardware and service providers are encouraging these outstanding card programs.

Not only do Loyalty Cards keep your customers and clients returning to give you more business but they also keep your branding, logo, contact details and even other sales messages right in front of the people most likely to engage with you and your enterprise. This exposure will enable more and more people to keep sales going out across your counter.

A Plastic Loyalty Card most commonly has a magnetic stripe that can be swiped at your point of sale bringing up the value previously loaded onto the card as well as the personal details of the card holder such as their account balance or discount status. This feature can also be used to ensure your service staff have instant access to the customers recorded preferences and buying history which enables them to make added value offers right there at the point of sale.

Loyalty Cards are just one of the amazing range of plastic cards Security ECard Specialists deliver to our clients throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Call today and let our service representatives help get your Loyalty Card programme under way today.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!