USB Credit Card Flash Drives

USB Credit Card Flash DriveUSB Credit Card Flash Drives are the perfect way to ensure you always have a usable amount of data storage in your wallet. Carry family images and video, working files for your business or even your favourite music mp3’s for that impromptu party. Compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 formats these great little items will let you plug in anywhere and with up to 30MB/s date transfer rate, won’t keep you waiting for your data. Power for the drive comes directly from the USB bus so no external power supply is required.

Available capacities range from 2-GB  to a massive 32-GB, now that’s a lot of storage. When your done the drive folds back into the body of the card and the card slips straight into your wallet like a regular credit card and you’re good to go.

We have all gotten used to using miniature flash drives, often called pen drives or even stick drives, but not all of us have fallen into the habit of keeping them safe while keeping them close at hand. After all the main advantage of a miniature drive is convenience and this relies of having them with you at all times. Some people keep them on their keyring, others on a lanyard or just in their briefcase. Being able to fold the drive back into the body of the card offers the best possible protection for the drive and with the card safe in your wallet or purse, you’ll never be without your files or the room to store new data.

The outside areas of the card body are of course the perfect place to have your companies branding and contact details printed so when you give away one of these incredibly useful drives to clients, your business image and contact information are always in front of your client to remind them of the wonderful company that gives them such great service and unique useful gifts to use.

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