VIP Cards

VIP Plastic CardsMake your VIP Clients Feel Special

When you deal with important clients, you want to do your best to cultivate your business relationship. With our special VIP cards you can create a good impression that your client will remember. High quality plastic cards are the premier material for VIP cards, and their special look will ensure your card will be one your clients keep. Custom VIP cards from New Zealand based Security ECard Specialists are top of the range, and they have a high intrinsic value that makes them hard to throw away.

VIP plastic cards should be elegant and pleasurable to hold. It should be made of superior materials and be crafted to reflect your business message, while ensuring your client feels special. SES offers many customisable features that allow you to create a card that is unique. With custom die cuts, full colour photographic printing, and special effects such as frosting and transparency you can design a VIP card that your clients will be flattered to receive. Our skilled team is here to help you create an outstanding VIP plastic card.

Maintaining the security of your VIP cards is something we realise is very important, so we provide special technological features which can be incorporated to help prevent fraud. Magnetic stripes, micro-chips, and smart cards all help to protect your elite clientele base from unwanted elements.

Raise the level of your brand with a beautiful, durable, secure, plastic card,  for your important clients today. Let them know how important they are to your business and they will surely return for repeat purchases. You could offer them a special discount to reflect their transaction level, or give them access to special items and services. With a VIP card you can quickly tell who is a preferred customer.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!  If you require less that 500 Plastic Cards Try All Card Experts as they do orders of  250 and above.

To get started with the planning of your VIP card, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team is ready now to answer your questions.