Plastic Housing USB Flash Drives

Every business needs to have a well planned promotional gift to be given to their clients and business partners as well. We have a very stylish USB flash drives which you can personalize. These are printed out in attractive colors, just the perfect thing you need to help you market your business. Our customized USB flash drives don’t only look stylish and beautiful, they are also highly durable and therefore you can use them for a long time. When you give your clients and associates our customized USB flash drives, you can be assured that your company, including its products and excellent services will be remembered every time they use it.

Among these wonderful options, you can find our Plastic Housing USB flash drives which are available in unique designs and vibrant colors. They also come in different attractive shapes. Apart from being functional, light and bright are the two other words that can best describe our Plastic Housing USB Flash Drives. These are just the perfect gifts to give to your clients especially for mail out campaigns where these units are strong but with reduced weights.

With their bright colors and very attractive designs, you will be giving people the chance to secure a nearly unique give away complete with your brand and contact numbers. So your details are just an arm’s length away when your clients need to contact you. Nothing can compare to the convenience they provide.

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-397 -396
#397 Available in Black Red Blue Green and Silver #396 Avaiable in Black Red Blue Green and Silver
-395 -394
#395 Available in Black Red and Blue #394 Available in Black Red and Blue
-393 -392
#393 Available in White or Black #392 Available only in Red
-391 -390
#391 Available in Black Silver and Red #390 Available only in Black
-389 -388COB
#389 Available in Green only #388COB Full Colour Custom Print Both Sides
-387 -386
#387 Available in Black Blue Red Green & Yellow #386 Available in Black Blue Red Green & Yellow
-385 -384
#386 Available in White Black Blue Red and Clear #384 Available in White Only
#383 Available in Black Blue and White

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB Flash Drives.